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Harvard Business Review, Catherine Tucker, Don Tapscott, Marco Iansiti, Karim R. Lakhani


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A curated collection of HBR's latest thinking on blockchain.

  • Curates the latest and most important thinking on blockchain--a topic that all leaders and managers need to be up to speed with and conversant on. Provides a range of diverse contributors and viewpoints with clear takeaways. From foundational basics to research to use cases--all with HBR's quality and rigor.
  • Introduces readers to the topic. Provides the essential basics and prepares them for more in-depth engagement.
  • Provides intermediates with a refresher on the basics of the topic and extends their knowledge with HBR's most cutting-edge, forward-looking, and provocative content on the topic.
  • Answers the question "What does HBR have to say about blockchain?" for customers who have read authored books on the topic.
  • Features an introduction, tying the book together, from one of HBR's leading experts on the topic.
  • Executive summaries and key points bullets to give readers immediate takeaways.

Audience: Leaders and managers who need to get up to speed, quickly, on what they need to know about Blockchain. Leaders who need to understand the basics of Blockchain, know what the options are when they're considering adopting blockchain-based technology, keep up with their competitors and colleagues, and reinvent their business for the future.